Men’s Fragrance’s was created as a by product of me searching for cheaper cologne prices.  Years ago, when I first got into different colognes I realized that the high end brands like Creed and YSL came at a premium cost. They aren’t available everywhere either.  You need to visit Nordstrom’s or Saks 5th Ave.  Macy’s may have a few of them.  These bottles cost hundreds of dollars though.

I located a company that offers legit wholesale cologne.  I ordered a couple bottles for myself to try them out and it was straight.  I ordered some for Wifey and hers was authentic also.  This was back in 2010, and I’ve been ordering since.

Family and friends would ask where they could get the cologne and I would just order for them.  In 2012, I built the first website and created the company, Men’s Fragrance.  This was done to offer the colognes I like, and the brands people have requested from me.

Everything is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer to the shipping address. I have a small markup (can I live a lil bit?) but it’s still cheaper than department stores.  Thanks for checking the website out.  Shop with ya boy.